How to create and edit SPF records

Domains hosted in our control panel have a default SPF record enabled when an email service is assigned to the domain:
v=spf1 a mx ~all

The default record means you have a basic SPF for your domain but it is not configured to lock your mail sending down to any specific IP addresses or hostnames as it returns a soft fail if you use one not listed in your DNS records. The mail server we supply you with is passed via SPF as its listed in your A and MX DNS records.

A proper SPF record should be configured to only allow sending from your mail servers and any SMTP engines your domain may use such as mailing software or services.
Therefore the SPF record value will be specific to each domains requirements.

To edit your SPF record please follow the steps below.

Login to your hosting control panel.

  • Click Domains
  • Click the domain you want to edit SPF on
  • Click the Edit DNS Zone Records button
  • Click the pencil edit icon in front of the SPF TXT record
  • Edit the Record Data field with your custom SPF record data
  • Click Save

There are various SPF generators available online including this one:

Full SPF Syntax can be found on the SPF Prjects website:

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