What are the Email limits for the hosting packages?

Our hosting plans have certain limits on resource use on all services we provide. We want to make them very clear for all clients, so please read below for more information.

These are the email limits per mailbox (POP3 or IMAP mailbox):

Standard Hosting Packages:

The maximum mailbox size limits are displayed below based on your package:

The maximum mailbox size is 512MB

Web Value: The maximum mailbox size is 512MB

Silver: The maximum mailbox size is 512MB

Web Pro: The maximum mailbox size is 512MB

Gold: The maximum mailbox size is 512MB

Web Commerce: The maximum mailbox size is 512MB

Platinum: The maximum mailbox size is 512MB

Web Unlimited: The maximum mailbox size is 512MB.

Reseller Hosting:

All email accounts under our reseller packages maximum mailbox size is 512MB.

Enterprise Hosting:

E512: 2GB maximum mailbox size

eShare512: 2GB maximum mailbox size

E1024: 3GB maximum mailbox size

eShare1024: 3GB maximum mailbox size

E1536: 3GB maximum mailbox size

E2048: 4GB maximum mailbox size

eDedi2048: 4GB maximum mailbox size

eDedi4096: 5GB maximum mailbox size

If larger mailboxes are required, please contact sales to discuss options and quotes:



The following rules apply to all mailboxes on all packages:

The "Junk E-Mail" folder in all mailboxes will purge mail older than 30 days.

The "Deleted Items" folder in all mailboxes will purge mail older than 30 days.

The "Sent Items" folder in all mailboxes will purge mail older than 60 days.

All mailboxes and folders will be purged of mail older than 2 years from their timestamp, please archive your old email to your local systems or another backup at least every 2 years.

All email accounts that have been inactive for over 12 months will be deleted from the mail server. Inactive status means there has been no authenticated POP3, IMAP, SMTP or Webmail connections to the email account in over 12 months.


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