How many domains, websites and applications can i host?

Sometimes our clients ask how many websites, applications, domain names or hostnames they can host on their specific hosting package.

It is important to note the difference between domain names and websites in respect to this.

Websites & Applications:

A website here at Winserve is a single application that has its own web server entry (binding) and its own application pool.

Domain Names & Hostnames:

A domain name is simply a valid hostname that you own or we have provided for you.

For example or

How Many Websites?

The Standard hosting packages on our website clearly state how many websites you can host on each package.

For example on Bronze you can host 1 single website/application, on Silver you can host up to 5 website/applications.

Our eShare Enterprise packages are designed for a single powerful website or application to be hosted.

With our eDedi packages you can host multiple websites/applications and we split your resources between them.

How Many Domain Names/Hostnames?

You can add as many domain names / hostnames as you like to all the hosting packages.

You can point those at any of your websites and you can point multiple domains/hostnames at each website.


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