How to open a support ticket - Request Technical Support

We provide 24/7 technical support to all of our clients. 
Please follow the guide below to submit a support ticket and one of our technicians will get back to you.

  • Login to your account at
  • Click Open Ticket from the top navigation menu.
  • Enter a subject.
  • Select the related product if applicable.
  • Enter your support request. Please give as much detail as possible about the problem you are facing. Copy and paste error messages if available.
  • Upload any files or screenshots related to the issue. The more details you can provide the quicker we will be able to advise you on solutions.
  • Read the Knowledgebase Suggestions that appear once you have written the ticket. We have a substantial knowledge base that could likely provide the solution to your question or issue.
  • If the Knowledgebase Suggestions do not provide the answer your looking for then click Submit to complete the support request.
  • A technician will get back to you shortly regarding your issue/request.


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