The latest ASP.NET 4.8 is now available.

We are pleased to announce the latest .Net Framework is now available at Winserve. Notable New features include: Windows Communication Foundation updates. The Just-in-time (JIT) compiler now based on the JIT compiler in .NET Core 2.1. Updated version of ZLib (Gzip Compression). Future proofed support for TLS 1.3 when its  available on ... Read More »

19th Apr 2019
New Logo

We have a new logo we are using for all our websites and marketing.
Just a heads up that nothing has changed with the company, we just needed a fresh look logo for some marketing campaigns we will be running online.


1st Apr 2019
Claim Your Reserved .UK Domain Name

Own an existing domain? Claim your reserved .uk domain now to avoid missing out! In June 2014, Nominet launched the new shorter, sharper domain name .uk into the UK Domain family. If you are an existing customer and own a unique,,,,, or, the matching .uk domain name may have been reserved ... Read More »

30th Mar 2019
Brexit will impact UK-based .EU registrants

What’s happening and when? EurID, the .EU registry, has released details on how it will handle this transition. The exact timeline will depend on how Brexit proceeds, and EurID has provided details for each possible scenario. In the event of a “hard Brexit,” the registry will contact registrants as early as March 23, 2019. Unless a Brexit ... Read More »

23rd Feb 2019
Inactive Email Account Deletions

In order to streamline and remove unnecessary data from our systems we will be automatically purging inactive email accounts going forward.If any email account on our platform has not been accessed within the past 12 months then it will be deleted from its mail server. An "Inactive User" is an account that hasn't authenticated against the mail ... Read More »

4th Oct 2018
Reseller Hosting Packages Promotion

We are currently running a new promotion for our windows reseller packages.There are limited amounts of these available and the offer will end once they are all sold.For a massive 30% discount on all reseller packages enter promo code "reseller30" on checkout. The discount is not just for the first month or year, the discounted price will be for ... Read More »

26th Sept 2018
Domain Pricing Changes

Due to price increases with our domain registrar the following domain extensions have had a small price increase:

New prices for registration and renewal per year:
.com - £12.99
.org - £14.99
.net - £14.99

18th Jun 2018
Nominet Whois Changes - GDPR

With the upcoming new data laws set by the EU (GDPR) there will be some changes to the way Nominet (the UK domain registry) handle registrants data.Nominet will put initial changes into effect on 25 May 2018. Full information from Nominet here:,8RDL,3093L7,YBUT,1 Read More »

20th Apr 2018
New Anti-Spam Service Available

We are pleased to announce we are now offering a great anti-spam email solution with technology provided by Spam Experts.SpamExperts is an incredibly accurate, powerful and cost-effective anti-spam solution for every email account on your domain that works by securely scanning incoming e-mail via an intelligent central cluster before it reaches ... Read More »

26th Jan 2018
Domain Name Registrations - Auto Renew Enabled By Default

Due to customer feedback we have decided to enable automatic domain name renewals for all new domain registrations by default.Clients can change this setting under the domain in our billing portal: will not ... Read More »

18th Jan 2018