ASP.NET 5 Web Hosting Now Available

We are pleased to announce Microsoft have released .NET 5.0. It is now available to new and existing customers on all hosting packages. We always aim to provide the latest ASP.NET stack to our clients so we are releasing this in time with Microsoft's release. A detailed overview of ASP.NET 5 is linked ... Läs mer »

11th Nov 2020
DNN (Dotnetnuke) Security Issue - Upgrade Notice.

There was a recently discovered critical security issue with DNN (Dotnetnuke).The bottom line of this is that there are no secure versions of DNN anymore lower than the latest release 9.6.1. This is a reminder for anyone running DNN to upgrade their installations to the latest version.We are seeing many instances of DNN being abused on a regular ... Läs mer »

23rd Jun 2020
.Net Core & PHP New Versions Available

We are pleased to announce .Net Core 3.1 is now available on all hosting packages.
PHP 7.4  is also now available on all hosting packages.

4th Dec 2019
.Net Core 3.0 Now Available

We are pleased to announce .Net Core 3.0 was released today and is now available on all hosting packages.Our technicians have been closely following its development and release and we can safely say Microsoft have put a lot of effort into this release. There are many great new features and performance improvements. It won't be long now until we ... Läs mer »

23rd Sept 2019
.BIZ Price Adjustment

Due to a price increase at the registry level, we're adjusting the price for .BIZ domains.
The new price for each years registration/renewal is £19.99 + VAT.


19th Sept 2019
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 18 now available.

The latest Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is now available free of charge from Microsoft. You can use this tool to manage any MS SQL databases you are hosting with us.It will support SQL Server 2019 which will be available here at Winserve once its released later in the year. Download ... Läs mer »

30th Apr 2019
The latest ASP.NET 4.8 is now available.

We are pleased to announce the latest .Net Framework is now available at Winserve. Notable New features include: Windows Communication Foundation updates. The Just-in-time (JIT) compiler now based on the JIT compiler in .NET Core 2.1. Updated version of ZLib (Gzip Compression). Future proofed support for TLS 1.3 when its  available on ... Läs mer »

19th Apr 2019
New Logo

We have a new logo we are using for all our websites and marketing.
Just a heads up that nothing has changed with the company, we just needed a fresh look logo for some marketing campaigns we will be running online.


1st Apr 2019
Claim Your Reserved .UK Domain Name

Own an existing domain? Claim your reserved .uk domain now to avoid missing out! In June 2014, Nominet launched the new shorter, sharper domain name .uk into the UK Domain family. If you are an existing customer and own a unique,,,,, or, the matching .uk domain name may have been reserved ... Läs mer »

30th Mar 2019
Brexit will impact UK-based .EU registrants

What’s happening and when? EurID, the .EU registry, has released details on how it will handle this transition. The exact timeline will depend on how Brexit proceeds, and EurID has provided details for each possible scenario. In the event of a “hard Brexit,” the registry will contact registrants as early as March 23, 2019. Unless a Brexit ... Läs mer »

23rd Feb 2019