How to disable automatic renewal of domain names registered with Winserve.

If you want to disable automatic renewal of any domain names that are registered with us you can do so by setting the domain to Disable Auto Renew in the your billing area:

  • Login to the billing portal .
  • Click My Domains from the menu.
  • Click the down arrow icon next to the domain you want to edit and click Auto Renew Status.
  • Click Disable Auto Renew to change the Auto Renew Status (you can also enable it here for domains when you want to).

If Auto Renew is on an for a domain an invoice will be generated 60 days before your domain is due to expire. If you have an up to date credit/debit card on the system the invoice will be automatically paid and the domain renewed. If you do not have a valid card on the system then you can manually view and pay the invoice.

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