How to order a dedicated IP address.

You may have a requirement for a dedicated IP address for a website. There are various recognised reasons for this and we will only assign a dedicated IP address if you can provide justification for requiring one.

Examples of justification for a dedicated IP address include:

  • Payment gateway used for the website/application does not support SNI.
  • Need to support older client browsers without SNI,
  • Your Windows Server version does not support SNI,

Clients can order a dedicated IP address in our client portal:

  • Login to your client portal at . 
  • Click Services > My Services in the top menu.
  • Click View Available Addons in the left menu.
  • In the Dedicated IP Address product on the main screen use the dropdown to select which package/hosting space you want the dedicated IP assigned to.
  • Click Order Now.
  • Complete the order.
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