In order to streamline and remove unnecessary data from our systems we will be automatically purging inactive email accounts going forward.
If any email account on our platform has not been accessed within the past 12 months then it will be deleted from its mail server.

An "Inactive User" is an account that hasn't authenticated against the mail server in over 12 months.
If an account is set up in an email client on desktop or mobile, if its accessed via webmail or if an account is set up to be pulled into another mail server or mail service, like if a user has their email account set up in Gmail to pull messages into Gmail via IMAP or POP3, or other situations, these accounts are still "active". This is because whatever action is taken in that client or service will have to authenticate against our mail server to perform some action. Inactive Accounts do not perform any of those actions.

Our terms of service have been updated to reflect these changes.


Thursday, October 4, 2018

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