How do i change permissions on a file or folder?

By default write permissions are disabled on all files and folders within your web space. This is good security practise and we recommend you only turn on write permissions on files or folders that specifically need it. This helps keep your website more secure.

In order to turn write permissions on or off for a file or folder please follow the instructions below:

  • Login to your hosting control panel.
  • Click File Manager icon under the System icons.
  • Navigate to one folder above the one you want to change permissions on.
  • Click the little padlock icon next to the file or folder name you want to change permissions on.
  • Click the Write permissions checkbox for the user with the same name as the domain name and click Set Permissions.

The above method is the most secure way to manage permissions. However if you simply want to enable write permissions site wide then you can do that by:

  • Login to your hosting control panel.
  • Click the Web Sites icon.
  • Click the web site you want to enable write permissions on.
  •  Click the checkbox "Enable Write Permissions".
  • Click Save.


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